Quality Assurance Engineer

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Quality Assurance Engineer

Job description

We’re not looking for people who know all the answers. We want people who can think creatively and are not afraid to bring up new ideas, tools, systems and technologies. To help handle the scale and resilience of our infrastructure.

The problems we solve are meaningful, exciting and constantly evolving. You’ll work together with other engineers in a fast-paced, agile platform, to build reliable, secure and efficient applications in the cloud. Your code will make it easy for customers to send crypto value with no stress. Our engineering team is looking for a Quality Assurance Engineer ready for the challenge of delivering great products to our users.

About the Job

The mission of the role is to ensure we are building the most lovable products for our customers. In this role you are to carry out end-to-end testing on all product features both new and existing. You are to maintain a high standard of the quality delivery rollout. You should have good competency of best in class testing tools to be able to assist the team in building quality products. You need to be ready to own the role and responsibility of boosting Quidax's reliability score.

Here’s an example of what your day to day at Quidax might look like:

  • Sync with your team lead on the direction for the week/day
  • Dexterity and ability to play multiple roles; capacity to act as scrum master and manage sprint activities
  • Creating detailed test plans and test cases that test against possible failure points. 
  • Join in an argument about some random stuff
  • Conversant with testing processes and their application; ability to apply standard testing methodologies to new and existing products to meet customer needs.
  • Brainstorm with the team to come up with cool ideas
  • It differs from day-to-day.

Job requirements

We are a company of learners in a lot of ways. We don’t expect you to be perfect so we would prefer if you are hungry and willing to learn. We like humble people too.

We are looking for people who are driven, patient, empathetic, and have an ear to what’s happening around the world with an eye for pop culture.

We are very big on discipline as one of our core values, because we believe it is the soul of an army and it can make great things happen in the long run. So we have rules that have consequences attached to them and then we encourage everyone to govern themselves to do what is required and go over and beyond in service of our customers

We are big on openness and candour in the workplace, so if you see something that doesn’t make sense, it is your responsibility to say so. We are not afraid to disagree and argue about things so far we are doing it with the purpose of bringing out the best idea and not bringing people down.

We also like to have fun, we can look quite chilled, our interviews can be really great and funny experiences if you are not too wound up, we try to make you loosen up in the first couple of minutes and just have a conversation and not just give generic interviewy answers, we hate those. We are fans of alcohol and parties (after work hours) so if your thing is shots, beer, or both, you are in good company and we know a great catfish plug.

We are a cryptocurrency company, building to be the most influential crypto company in Africa, but it isn’t a crime to not know jack about cryptocurrency, every single person here learned on the job and we are more than happy to teach.

About Quidax

We are a cryptocurrency exchange and we make it easy for individuals and businesses to buy and sell cryptocurrency using their local currency and cryptocurrency. We also enable fintech businesses to provide cryptocurrency-related services to their customers through our API thereby making it possible for your customers to buy, sell, send, receive, or store crypto.

Our core values are

  • Simplicity: as the sign of great understanding and empathy
  • People: investing in our people and making the work experience a remarkable one
  • Integrity: being true & honest; to ourselves and those counting on us
  • Customers: the reason we exist because customers exist so we love and respect them
  • Excellence: doing things in a first-class way, going above and beyond.
  • Discipline: leadership and doing what you say you would, no matter how we feel.

About Pay and Benefits:

We pay competitively in the Nigerian market for the matched experience and role.

Our benefits include health insurance, unlimited leave days, amazing culture 🤯 and also a front-row seat to the biggest thing in finance in the last 100 years. You also have a company that cares about you and your well being, wants to do everything to ensure that your life inside and outside work is the most satisfying it can be.

How to Apply

Please send an application tailored to the role that speaks to us.  Make your application the breath of fresh air. We appreciate great writing, take the time to put your application together.

We would most likely send you a test should you get through the application stage, please imagine you are already part of the team and walk us through your thinking about the problems we present.